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Are you having any issues with your Monitors in Motion product?  Please visit our contact page to send us a message, or refer to the support information below to see if your question can be answered here.

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Warranty Information

Monitors in Motion products have a ten (10) year limited warranty to ensure perfect functionality of your mounting system. For further details, please see the following documents:

Assembly Instructions

Need some help assembling your new monitor arm? Look no further! Below are assembly instructions in PDF format for you to download and print. They will assist you in getting your new monitor arm operational.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are your arms made from?

We choose to manufacture all mounting systems from aircraft grade aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Our products are 100% recyclable, even the packaging.

Do you only manufacture mounts for the iPad?

Monitors in Motion will provide mounting solutions for the markets top selling tablets. Currently we have solutions for Apple's tablets.

Do you have the manufacturing capacity to handle large orders?

Yes.  If the order is in our inventory it can be shipped out within 7-10 business days. If we have to manufacture the order from scratch, large orders can take on average 6-8 weeks to manufacture.

Are your products being used in the Medical industry?

Yes our products are being used in the medical industry.  All our products are built using anodized aluminum, stainless steel and bronze to provide a sterile and easy to clean product for the medical industry.  Our products come with a 10 year warranty and are built with quality being our top priority. 

What materials are your arms made from?

Our monitor arms are machined from 6061 T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum.  Each piece is then anodized to give the arms a very durable finish.

What colors do your arms come in?

We are currently anodizing all of our products in silver.  A request can be made for items to be anodized in black. The rugged mount is only in black. We also offer coloured iPad Desk Stands.

Do your arms work with all types of monitors?

Yes our arms are compatible with the majority of monitors on the market today.  The majority of monitors less than 24 inches we use a VESA plate that is either a 75mm/75mm or a 100/100mm hole pattern.  For monitors larger than 24 inches we have a 100/200mm mounting plate and our universal mounting plate for TV’s going up to 60 + inches. Monitors in Motion will also be able to customize a mounting plate for unique monitors that do not provide industry standard mounting capabilities upon request. 

Are your arms VESA compliant?

Yes, our arms are VESA-compliant.

How long has your company been around?

Our sister company has been manufacturing our products in the United Kingdom since 1998.  In 2008, Monitors in Motion began manufacturing our products in Ontario, Canada to better serve the North and South American markets.

Is customization available?

Yes, we can build some custom orders.  Custom orders typically take 12 weeks for fabrication, testing and delivery.

Do you have a wall mount option with your arms?

Yes, when placing an order each customer has the option of using a vice clamp, grommet or wall mounting option.

Do you mount to slat wall?


Where are your products being used right now?

Our products have been sold mainly direct to industry and government since being introduced in the UK in 1998.  NASA, airports, banks, schools, hospitals, offices, A/V studios, film studios, graphic design studios, control rooms, point of sale terminals, cruise ships and many more use our monitor arms, wall mounts and custom solutions.

How much weight does your monitor arms hold?

We have many designs that range in weight limits.  For mounting large multimedia display we would recommend the Boa with a max load of 120lbs.  The minimum and maximum weight limits will vary from arm to arm.  Our technical specs are found on our website for each arm we manufacture. 

What is the largest TV the Boa can hold?

The Boa comes with a universal mounting plate that has extension wings the allow for a 600/600 hole pattern for mounting 60” and up. 

How do I find a dealer in my area?

Monitors in Motion will recommend a dealer based on your needs and geographical location. We support our dealers and distributors and we insure they are selling our products at the best prices available.

How does the cable management work?

Our arms are made from solid aluminum and we must use an external cable management system. Cable management ringlets allow the cables to be suspended neatly below the arm. Our external cable management system will insure the cables do not bunch or pinch when adjusting the position of the monitor. Cable ties and wraps work well with our cable management system.

Is customization available?

We continuously research and develop products every quarter to stay in tune with changing technologies. The new products we choose to manufacture are based on our customer's needs and wants. If there is a need for modifications or new product development, please speak to a sales agent to discuss the next steps.

Does every arm come with multiple mounting options?

Yes each arm comes with multiple mounting options. We offer vice clamp, through desk, grommet and wall mount options when purchasing our arms. Our online store will show pictures and describe each option.

Do you only mount monitors?

We are currently mounting all kinds of devices like iPads, keyboards, laptops, touch screen displays and much more. If you have a new device that requires an adapter not listed on our website, please contact one of our sales staff with the details and we will start looking into a solution.

Where are your products made and how long has your company been around?

Our plant is in Tottenham, ON. has been machining high quality aluminum mounts since 2008.

Where are your products being used right now?

Monitors in Motion has thousands of units being used around the world. Our customers come from a wide range of public and private sectors. The mounts are purchased for environments that call for high quality, visually stunning and extremely functional mounting systems.

What is the largest TV your arms can hold?

Monitors in Motion provide mounting systems for monitors ranging from 5 lbs to 400 lbs+. Each arm is specifically designed to match the monitor weight and size perfectly.

I have an old antique desk, what is the best mounting option to avoid damaging the desk?

We provide a variety of mounting options when purchasing your mounting system to make sure we have a solution for almost every situation. For antique furniture and expensive desks we recommend a wall mount, floor mount or vice clamp with soft padding. A sales agent will be able to recommend the best solution with enough information.

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Purchasing and Shipping

Do you have an office in the United States?

Our office is located in Canada.  Feel free to contact us.

We have a number of dealers and distributors located across Canada and the U.S.

How much will it cost to ship my order and how long?

The shipping fee depends greatly on the weight and size of the shipment and an estimate is given before the order is processed. Orders usually take 7-10 business days to be processed and then 5-7 business days to be delivered using ground shipping. Express shipping is available if requested and paid for by the customer.

What is your warranty policy?

Monitors in Motion products have a ten (10) year limited warranty to ensure perfect functionality of your mounting system. For further details, please see the following documents:

Do you drop ship?


Can I buy the products in my local area?

We have distribution across Canada and the US.  To find out more details, contact us to speak to a Monitors in Motion representative.

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Our Products & the Environment

All our products are made in North America, manufactured with upwards of 97% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Even the packaging is recyclable!

Contact Us

Monitors in Motion: 55 Industrial Road,
Unit 9, Tottenham, Ontario L0G 1W0

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